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"Kevin's work as a touring and recording drummer, businessman and educator speaks for itself. You don't survive in the music business for long if you don't have a solid skill to offer that is backed up with with hard work, perseverance, people skills, and integrity. I am looking forward to seeing Kevin's educational event. Please connect with Kevin" Rich Redmond, Touring and Session Drummer, Jason Aldean/Sessions "Kevin is easily one of the most talented and professional musicians I have ever worked with. He is easy to work with and very open minded, making it an incredible pleasure to have him as an integral part of my musical "team". We have worked on over a half dozen projects together including a progressive-rock 2006 International Release with former members of Boston, an independently released female-fronted power pop record and my Debut album released in 2010. Yes, his resume speaks volumes, but it his ability to play what's best for the song that truly separates him from most studio drummers I have worked with. Kevin has an uncanny ability to listen to material and map it out quickly in order to replicate arrangements in a way that he makes look effortless... in fact, every drum track used on my last album was achieved on the first take, some of which on songs he had only heard once through. The quality of the drum sounds and takes we were able to get in his studio have been praised continuously in both consumer and professional feedback, but most impressively by the producer who mixed the record and worked first hand with the raw tracks. The work speaks for itself. I am still currently working with Kevin on several projects and will continue to do so for years to come." Gary Johnson "Kevin is an astounding musician. His live performance and studio recording are superb. In a business rife with ego, Kevin is humble, yet confidant in his talent and constantly striving to improve. In every aspect of his life, he carries himself with professionalism and respect, and I consider myself privileged to call him my friend. I highly recommend his work." Chris "Breeze" Barczynski, lead singer, Citizens Of Contrary Knowledge "If you aren't aware of Kevin's skill and prowess, it's just a matter of time -- ask around. It's likely you'll quickly come upon musicians of all stripes and types who dig Kevin's play... Without question one of the best studio, live, and instructional drummers in the entire region." Richard Daniel McCoach, Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers "Kev strives for perfection and achieves it with hard work, a relaxed and personable approach and an open mind. He will always make you feel comfortable and will never let you down. Expect, regarding using Kevin to record drums, quick and awesome results. Well worth the money!" Eric Klein "Kevin is a world class virtuoso musician and educator with a thorough understanding of the percussive arts. He is indefatigable is his desire to study and expand his craft on all levels. He always delivers the "goods" for the client and handles himself with positive professional attitude." Dave Becker I was first introduced to Kevin when I was a freshman and he and his band accepted the opportunity of playing a social at Penn State University, where I was event coordinator. He is always polite, punctual and eager to cooperate with fellow musicians to get the job done. He has worked as hard and as long as it takes to perfect his craft and deliver a stellar performance. I then had the pleasure of spending more time with Kevin, when he was working with Howe II. He has always been respectful and open to diverse musical settings which makes him a future working musician that will always impress. Kevin puts a lot of passion into his playing and it's always evident on any stage he commands; he's a pleasure to watch and listen to. Not only is Kevin a talented musician himself, but he also shares his talents in such a way that everyone around Kevin can experience the joy of music. Kevin is a valuable asset to any musical program or band, and I highly recommend him." Tracy "Tru" Peffer "Kevin is an incredible drummer whom I have admired his playing for years and was thrilled to have the opportunity to receive private instruction. He is very knowledgeable in many playing styles and genres of music. His precision and dedication to his craft is evident both in person and live performance. He is a machine." Rick McDougal "I'm a drummer in an east coast touring band under the same management company as Kevin's. If I am not on the road, then I am out watching him play. He's absolutely amazing and inspiring! His technique is second to none. His timing is like a clock. With all of this talent, he stays humble and extremely approachable. Kevin is the benchmark for all drummers to strive to achieve. Enough said......" Eric Reeber "Kevin is a true professional in many ways. His drumming expertise is world-class, his stage manner is always engaging and positive, and he always is timely, in spite of long and challenging drives to the gigs. His artistic talent and his great spirit are quite amazing and a joy to experience." Dave Fry, Artistic Director, Rock Roots I am a drummer and although I have never taken a lesson or worked in the studio with Kevin, I have been on a sound crew that worked with his bands. As a stage/monitor tech I had the unique experience of watching him from the side of the stage on a nightly basis for a few years. Every night he would impress me with something new & interesting. His groove is undeniable, his technique is inspired, and his heart is amazing. My own drumming has improved so much just from watching him play up close and trying to cop his sound and feel. I don't think I truly understood what groove was until my experiences working with Kevin. Adam Kevin is the best teacher I have studied with. His ability to diagnose technique problems and insights into how to help me get to where I needed to go have elevated my game at least an order of magnitude, maybe more. Ideas, tips, and mechanisms I learned from Kevin have paid off in the studio and on the stage. I would recommend Kevin Soffera as a teacher to any drummer who is serious about his craft. Chad Kevin's polished expertise brought my tracks to life with the slam and groove needed. His setup is excellent, his chops are even better, and his positive attitude top it all off to bring us a killer product that stands up to anything else out there... then crushes it. Kevin is one of the coolest guys I've come to know over the course of time, which only makes his incredible work, camaraderie, and presence that much more admirable. Hats off to you, Kevin. Scott Kevin has been an invaluable teacher/friend of mine for the last 8 years. Not only has he opened my mind to new playing styles, but he's demonstrated to me what it takes to become a professional drummer. I will carry the lessons I've learned from him for the rest of my playing career and will continue to call on him for guidance in the music business and the betterment of my playing. He is without a doubt the best drummer I know, for lack of a better description. Steve Kevin brings enthusiasm an energy to every lesson his patience and willing to work with you are first rate. I have know Kevin on and off for many years we have crossed paths a few times and when I was looking for help with studying independence as it relates to jazz playing Kevin was just great. I go every few weeks/ months and he always gives me more than enough to work on each time. He is a great listener who takes time to hear you so he can get to the core of what you are trying to achieve. He has always been very supportive and a great friend thanks as always Kevin your the best. Tom Working with Kevin is an amazing experience. Not only brings the timing of a machine but also has amazing ideas that I utilized more than once making my ep. Extremely professional. Came in prepared with top of the line equipment and many different percussion choices. He lays down an amazing foundation. Makes me a better singer, songwriter and bass player. Tony Kevin has performed with me for years and I consider him a master at diverse rhythm styles. He has a wonder ear for adding tasty grooves while not overplaying. He's a pro in every way. Dave Since January of this year, Kevin has been teaching my eight year old son drums and has made incredible progress with him in just 6 months. Being a drummer myself, I figured that I would be able to teach my son on my own. Especially since I have been teaching middle school students for 21 years....That worked for about a year until I realized that he wanted me as a father instead of a drum teacher. So I called Kevin and he took Alek right in and began to work with him in a manner that was a perfect learning environment for a child. Alek is now reading music on an introductory level and playing grooves that I would have never been able to instill or teach to my son. Kevin keeps his lessons current, non traditional, exciting and most importantly FUN!!!! Alek has never put up a fight to go to lessons or to practice the lessons taught in the time in between them. Think about it....where else do you have access to a New York/LA caliber studio musician right in your back yard at a great price......Plus he has a couple of gold records along the way.........His reputation, character, and playing speak for itself.... Five Star rating from this satisfied father..... Nick I had the privilege of studying with Kevin off and on all through college and I must say he is the most knowledgeable, personal and dedicated teacher I know. Hands down one the best drummer/teachers out there. Kevin taught me the importance of being an all around musician, by making sure I knew how to play comftorably in any style. He taught me to break down songs and write important drum parts out. Kevin is a top notch drummer, and someone I would definitely recommend for lessons or any type of tracking. His expertise is priceless and he is willing to be there fir the student at all costs. Brian I am a professional drummer that has been playing untaught for years. Without direction, I've developed bad habits and "less than perfect" technique. So, I've explored a couple of different, top notch, teachers and none could help me realize my specific deficiencies, until I met Kevin. Without hesitation, he helped me define my weaknesses and used my strengths to compare against them. In only 2 months of studying with Kevin, my chops have improved more than the entire time I've played drums. Kevin is truly an amazing teacher. He's extremely descriptive and explains in simple and easy to understand terms. Most importantly, Kevin gives YOU the option of what to focus on. I'll never go to another teacher! He is my "Miagi"! Most importantly, he's an amazing personality. With all of his successes in the music industry, he's maintained his "down to earth" personality and I now consider him a good friend. He's a guy that I am extremely grateful to meet, not only for his teaching ability, but as an overall good-hearted guy. Eric Kevin Soffera's drumming skills are ridiculous - his drum tracks literally leap out of the mix. Top notch product @ super-fair prices. I wish I could steal him from his band and make him MY drummer His flow is exactly what I need for ALL of my music - Drummers of his caliber are a rarity on this planet. "Exciting and dynamic" - are the perfect words to sum this dude up. I gotta hit him up for some more beats, like real soon.... Greg Kevin was my first drum teacher. He was a close friend of my twin older brothers in the neighborhood growing up. The first time he ever took me seriously is when I walked up to him and said, "I'm going to become a drummer. I need you to teach me." His response: "Be at my house at 7:00 pm Monday night." During that first drum lesson, Kevin would not let me leave until I understood what an eighth note was. That was three intense hours later. I never forgot what an eighth note was. As his roommate at PIT in Hollywood, California, I watched Kevin become PERCUSSIONIST OF THE YEAR. As an Honors graduate myself, trust me when I tell you, he is the ELITE-Special-Forces in drumming! In teaching, Kevin is among the best of the best. I learned from Kevin, and then I learned from the best of the best...They're the same breed. You get what you pay for in life, in playing, teaching, and studio sessions, Kevin is not overcharging. I've been a music Producer for the past twelve years…and I hire him! You should too. Alan