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Most artists will either go to big budget studios, local studios or their home studios to record drums for their songs or use programmed drums or loop libraries. Well, recording drums at other studios is costly and time consuming. You have to book and pay for the studio, the engineer, the drummer and all costs that come with that process. While drum programming and loops can be a cheaper route, they normally do not sound natural and they don't interact like a live drummer can with all the dynamics and changes that happen in music.

The solution is online drum tracking with me. You get me as the drummer tracking drums to your song. You get the studio and engineer all in one and there are no other hidden costs like travel and accommodations.

It's a very simple, quick and affordable process. You contact mecontact me to discuss your project. You then send me your song or songs with the music panned to one side and your click panned to the other side. This can be any file format sent to me in an email or FTP site. I import your song into my system, I track my drums to your song. I then send a rough mix to you to approve the performance and when it is approved, I send you all the individual mixable drum tracks back to you on a disc or thru a FTP site. You then import that into your system and you now have a fully mixable drum performance specifically recorded for your song. The drums will have no effects or compression applied to them. Just raw great sounding natural drums.

I can give you any kind of drum sound you like in terms of cymbal choices, snare drum choices, tuning, microphones and miking techniques, lo-fi compressed room mics, etc. You will have the ability to mix my drum performance anyway you like. Total control. If you want, I can also send you a mix of my drum performance with an already "burned" in sound using state of the art effects, compression, drum enhancement and or replacement from a massive library of awesome sounding samples as well as other great sounding plug-ins to give you a pro sounding drum mix ready for mastering.

Please contact mecontact me to discuss your drum tracking and project needs.